From the Telegraph newspaper (UK) If only Honey Tree Publishing had been on hand to pacify our parents and supply us with a stash of personalised premium writing paper.

Posted in Inside Honey Tree by Sebastian Galbraith-Helps on 02 March 2012


At The Telegraph, our mothers brought us up to write thank you letters. Although it always seemed a chore, we knew it made her happy and, being the obedient little cherubs we all once were, our thank you letters were always completed within a week of receiving granny’s knitted jumper. However, mother was never pleased to find us scrawling notes of gratitude onEnglish Eccentric cardboard, tracing paper and tissue boxes. If only Honey Tree Publishing had been on hand to pacify our parents and supply us with a stash of personalised premium writing paper.

From our childhood experiences, we have inferred that mum appreciates high-quality stationery because it demonstrates her great taste and just how much she cares about the recipient of her letter. Therefore, Honey Tree Publishing gift-boxed personalised premium writing paper is probably the perfect present for Mothers’ Day.

Honey Tree Publishing is a bespoke stationery company, offering premium quality, classic and illustrated products. As a short-run printer, the company does not store excess stock, which enables a four- to eight-day turnaround. And do not fret – all orders are printed at Honey Tree Publishing studios in Somerset, ensuring 100% quality control. Don't be tempted to leave it to the last minute though; all orders must be received by 14th March 2012 so as not to disappoint.

Maybe you’ll understand mum’s insistence on high-quality stationery when you receive your thank you letter this year...

Special Mother's Day Offer: 

Enter code: mum2012 on the basket page and click submit. 15% off all orders over £20 will be deducted with our compliments. Offer ends on the 14th March the last day for UK Mother's day guaranteed delivery.


The author: Sebastian Galbraith-Helps
Sebastian Galbraith-Helps

As a co-founder of HoneyTree I enjoy telling the stories of  overseeing what is trending, taking place at our studios and looking to provide compelling reasons, by collaborating with our designers, to consider us for a stunning personalised gift or the ultimate Greetings card that convays your thoughtful consideration for the recipient. Whilst I am no Shakespeare everything I write is from the sharp end of growing a business that is looking for global domination 'one envelope at a time'; well looking to be the best in our niche at least....


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