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Posted in Inside Honey Tree by Sebastian Galbraith-Helps on 03 September 2009

Inside HoneyTree. Behind the scenes.

Hi Sebastian here the other co founder of sebastian

Whilst Lizbeth gets all the credit and accolades as the creative director, I get to interact and grow our creative community. We believe in "A little extra effort, goes a long way" writing a letter or card of thanks or enabling a child to choose their own personalised stationery or sending out a save the date card for an impending wedding,(rather than an e-mail, sms or tweet!) we appreciate that we all feel rather special when someone has taken the effort to sit down to write and think of us .

Prior to launching our website and gallery, we had processed a number of "off line" invitations and social stationery orders that all featured our watermark. Several of these orders were

significant in volume and the feedback, through further orders and sign-up's proved that we might just have a popular product... in-fact due to visits to our temporary page we were propelled to No1 on Google for Illustrated and Personalised Stationery before we launched, which we really appreciated.

Rather than stopping there, we realised that many of the recipients of our stationery must have told friends who added to the numbers and for this reason we have set up a "refer 5 friends" zone on the website that enables you to invite 5 friends ( or as many as you think would find our stationery range of interest in the future) and you shall receive a 5% discount off your next order as appreciation.

We look forward to welcoming you to

Yours sincerely

Sebastian and the Honey Tree team

The author: Sebastian Galbraith-Helps
Sebastian Galbraith-Helps

As a co-founder of HoneyTree I enjoy telling the stories of  overseeing what is trending, taking place at our studios and looking to provide compelling reasons, by collaborating with our designers, to consider us for a stunning personalised gift or the ultimate Greetings card that convays your thoughtful consideration for the recipient. Whilst I am no Shakespeare everything I write is from the sharp end of growing a business that is looking for global domination 'one envelope at a time'; well looking to be the best in our niche at least....


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