Presenting Natalie Hughes our 1st Contemporary artist and the 3rd to join us in a month!

Posted in From the Honey Tree Studios by Lizbeth Holstein on 07 November 2009

In the run up to the Christmas Gift season, we are delighted to present Natalie Hughes our 1st Contemporary artist and the 3rd artist to join us in a month, providing further options for your illustrated and personalised stationery.

When we first saw Natalie's illustrations (including "ladies that lunch" shown alongside) we knew they could work well on our stationery, and our Ltd Edition Prints.  On the first day her illustrations were loaded, (even before we had had time to notify Natalie), two orders for Correspondence Cards, were made. We are thrilled, and not surprised.

Below is the "about our artist's" questionnaire, I think it sums her work up wonderfully.

* What I do... By day I write for online magazine, and by night I draw waifish girls in expensive outfits (I live vicariously - and fashionably - through them).
* Favorite Illustration: "Chandelier" by Lizbeth Holstein - I just love a chandelier,
I've got four in my little flat! Not sure quite how I fit them in there...
* When not creating with the Honey tree team I like to: Bake Red Velvet cupcakes, look at the pictures in French Vogue, watch Woody Allen films with my boyfriend, and dream about one day owning a pug named Pearl.

Keep creating and remember to email us with any suggested llustrations or categories as we appreciate your feedback.
best wishes

Lizbeth, Sebastian and the Honey Tree team

The author: Lizbeth Holstein
Lizbeth Holstein

Lizbeth Holstein co-founder and creative director.

At HoneyTree I Introduce new product design; & am fastidious about the quality and eco credentials of the materials we use and source; I bring in new artists, new ranges, and take my sketch pad everywhere as I am constantly adding new artworks to the gallery. My blogs are about the creative side of HoneyTree, exhibitions and events that I will be looking to attend, and many sadly I don't have the time to as well as an insight into our artists and the studio's where the magic happens for our customers to #CreateABuzz


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