Saturday Telegraph colour supplement twice in a month, we are buzzing....

Posted in From the Honey Tree Studios by Lizbeth Holstein on 30 March 2010

First our Play Date Cards then our From the Kitchen of Labels feature in the Saturday Telegraph colour supplement. It is lovely to be noticed, we know there are allot of great companies out there, so we are delighted to be featured in a major newspaper.   Playdate

For further press, including our labels featuring in March's Country Living please join us on our Media Buzz Page (click here)

Must dash, we have 2 new sizes of Labels (smaller) One oval and the other a Strip to be added to the range and I need to design them, pass the final cut to the website people and go to the local village hall to get my Glasto 2010 tickets for the June festival which takes place in the fields by the studios!! (Hope this rains isn't present in June!)

keep creating



The author: Lizbeth Holstein
Lizbeth Holstein

Lizbeth Holstein co-founder and creative director.

At HoneyTree I Introduce new product design; & am fastidious about the quality and eco credentials of the materials we use and source; I bring in new artists, new ranges, and take my sketch pad everywhere as I am constantly adding new artworks to the gallery. My blogs are about the creative side of HoneyTree, exhibitions and events that I will be looking to attend, and many sadly I don't have the time to as well as an insight into our artists and the studio's where the magic happens for our customers to #CreateABuzz


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