Tried and tested our new labels shipping boxes

Posted in Inside Honey Tree by Sebastian Galbraith-Helps on 26 March 2010

211 packets of From the kitchen of, This belongs to, Gift and Book belongs to labels have been ordered so far this month! and we are delighted with our new shipping boxes that ensure that your gift boxed labels arrive in the same condition as they leave our studios.   Labels new packaging

This is a great example of the feedback we look for our community to provide. Only two people commented on their "slightly squashed" labels box, but that was enough,  and now we know it's all up to our exacting standards.


Ps; Not the best photo, better ones to come.

The author: Sebastian Galbraith-Helps
Sebastian Galbraith-Helps

As a co-founder of HoneyTree I enjoy telling the stories of  overseeing what is trending, taking place at our studios and looking to provide compelling reasons, by collaborating with our designers, to consider us for a stunning personalised gift or the ultimate Greetings card that convays your thoughtful consideration for the recipient. Whilst I am no Shakespeare everything I write is from the sharp end of growing a business that is looking for global domination 'one envelope at a time'; well looking to be the best in our niche at least....


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