Valentines Day Gift Ideas - Because with us it is Personal!

Posted in Inside Honey Tree by Sebastian Galbraith-Helps on 05 February 2010

We dont think we know what you should order, we don't even do more than politely recommend an illustration, the only thing we are clear on is that "receiving a personalised present confirms a thought about, and knowledge of, the recipient". 

We hope we will inspire you to "exceed expectations" this year - no pressure then!  (as a member who shall remain anonymous recently remarked " thank you lizbeth, I have just given my husband exactly what he deserves"!! The recipient received 100 sheets of Classic Writing paper and 15 "from the Kitchen of labels"....  We think it was a note of gratitude towards him, or the kitchen labels could have been a prompt! Either way they were a great success!! 

So here is the HoneyTree Team Valentines Gift Wish List 2010. 

Lizbeth (creative): a couple of Limited Edition Prints £35 each 

Sebastian (not creative): Correspondence Cards - Illustrated only as might be moving house.

Joanne:(Graphic design) This belongs to labels 

Kate (creative): Children's Party Invitations (Fill in) 

Andy K (code breaker / mender): Book Belongs to labels 

Helen (Google person): Gift Vouchers 

Matt I (techie coordinator): Children's Play Date Cards 

Melissa (SEO): Original illustration of the Vintage telephone 

Willemien (creative): Premium Writing Paper 

Natalie (Creative): At Home Cards with the Tea Pots Illustration 

Please note the last day for ordering for Valentines day is 14.00hrs on the 11th Feb 

Happy Valantines, 

Lizbeth, Sebastian and the Honey Tree team

The author: Sebastian Galbraith-Helps
Sebastian Galbraith-Helps

As a co-founder of HoneyTree I enjoy telling the stories of  overseeing what is trending, taking place at our studios and looking to provide compelling reasons, by collaborating with our designers, to consider us for a stunning personalised gift or the ultimate Greetings card that convays your thoughtful consideration for the recipient. Whilst I am no Shakespeare everything I write is from the sharp end of growing a business that is looking for global domination 'one envelope at a time'; well looking to be the best in our niche at least....


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