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Posted in From the Honey Tree Studios by Lizbeth Holstein on 25 September 2009

We love providing exactly what the customer wants.

We love the choice and control available to the customer to create their own luxury stationery featuring unique hand drawn illustrations.

We love the quality, the illustrations, the hand made gift boxes, the minimal packaging and the value for money

We love not flogging stock but printing on demand which enables us to prevent waste and therefore only charge for what the customer receives

We love the artwork and processing an order in our studio and seeing who has chosen what!We love the simplicity of the ordering process from the website.

We love gifting items from the range to our friends and family.

We love our products our staff our distributors and our customers.

We love being the pioneers of illustrated and personalised stationery business in the UK.

We love the quality of the card & paper, the presentation of our products and the enjoyment they give the customer.

We love innovating new illustrations and adding products to our range.

We love the idea of attracting new artists who shall bring their illustrations to a market place where customers have a choice and choose their drawings.

We love Honey Tree Publishing as we are selling art allowing one to move away from "computer generated design" and photos and bring a sense of personalisation into our every day correspondence.

We love the idea that we can produce and ship in a few days and this adds to the customers' anticipation and enjoyment

We love the interaction with customers when they want to discuss their many options

Finally we love reading the blog comments, and seeing how our creative community is growing.

Keep creating

Lizbeth and the Honey Tree Team

The author: Lizbeth Holstein
Lizbeth Holstein

Lizbeth Holstein co-founder and creative director.

At HoneyTree I Introduce new product design; & am fastidious about the quality and eco credentials of the materials we use and source; I bring in new artists, new ranges, and take my sketch pad everywhere as I am constantly adding new artworks to the gallery. My blogs are about the creative side of HoneyTree, exhibitions and events that I will be looking to attend, and many sadly I don't have the time to as well as an insight into our artists and the studio's where the magic happens for our customers to #CreateABuzz


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