x50 Free premium quality business cards & introducing children's lined writing paper & stiker sets

Posted in From the Honey Tree Studios by Lizbeth Holstein on 17 April 2012


Award Winning Illustrated & Personalised Stationery

Special Offer: x50 additional Premium Quality 350gsm Business / Visiting Cards

New: Children's Lined Writing Paper & Sticker sets & Olympic Games Party Invitations


Hello from the Honey Tree Studios,

We have been wonderfully busy with Weddings, Jubilee Party Invitations and launching the two new products that were the most requested in our feedback forms over the past year.

Welcome to our unique Premium Quality 350gsm Business / Visiting Cards (click here).  These can be customised in two ways - either our classic 'text only' or you may want to choose a hand-drawn illustration from our gallery (You can also feature your own artwork, motif, crest or logo through the "feature your own artwork" facility for £15)  For further information please contact our creative team on 0844 335 0620.

Our 8.5cm x 6cm wide white or cream cards are designed to fit standard wallets.  A great way to make a lasting impression.

April Special introductury offer: x50 Business / Visiting Cards  free with all orders. Eg: x150 for the price of x100 £69. Enter code: Premium50 and we will add an additional x50 cards to your order.

For Young HoneyTree,  we have added "Children's Lined Writing Paper & Sticker Sets" (Click here). Here you not only have the choice of over 600 illustrations and various fonts but when selecting a font colour,  the lines change to mirror that selection - we think this is very cool...

olympic-2012-rings-illustration917.jpgLastly it's certainly building up to be an exciting Summer in the UK. Our Jubilee invitations (Click here) have been a best seller and our recently launched "Olympic Party Invitations" (Click here) are proving popular also.

Bespoke Studio Tip: On invitations it is advisable to indicate the approximate time of the event's conclusion so that guests may arrange transport and baby sitters etc - we suggest the traditional wording "Carriages at midnight", alternative suggestions are also being logged on our Hints & Tips pages (Click here) or contact our creative team on 0844 335 0620.

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Lizbeth, Sebastian and the Honey Tree team

Honey Tree Team

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HoneyTreePublishing.com Worminster Farm Worminster Wells, Somerset BA4 4AJ United Kingdom 0844 3350620

The author: Lizbeth Holstein
Lizbeth Holstein

Lizbeth Holstein co-founder and creative director.

At HoneyTree I Introduce new product design; & am fastidious about the quality and eco credentials of the materials we use and source; I bring in new artists, new ranges, and take my sketch pad everywhere as I am constantly adding new artworks to the gallery. My blogs are about the creative side of HoneyTree, exhibitions and events that I will be looking to attend, and many sadly I don't have the time to as well as an insight into our artists and the studio's where the magic happens for our customers to #CreateABuzz


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