Empowering artists is something that Lizbeth is passionate about. Having experienced life as a ‘career artist’, selling her illustrations to various companies including Marks and Spencer, Habitat and The General Trading Company, she wanted to ensure that artists were recognised and fairly rewarded for their work.

Hence this is why at HoneyTree all of our artists are profiled and celebrated for what they do and receive a percentage every time their illustrations are chosen.

All of our artists are part of the HoneyTree community because they share our values of authenticity, freedom and fun and their work fits naturally with our creative aesthetic. Most importantly, they produce work that resonates with our customers.

Lizbeth Holstein

Lizbeth is inspired by the purity of objects, and the beauty in a simple or ordinary thing that provides a balance and harmony in her art. Co Founder and Art director.

Star sign: Aquarius

What I do: I ensure all stationery leaves the studio 100% perfect, I bring in new artists, new ranges, and take my sketch pad everywhere as I am constantly adding new artworks to the gallery 

Favourite Illustration: 'Bottoms Up' by Willemien Stevens - we can all relate that!

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: walk my dogs, support the various events in and around Somerset, visit galleries and host family tea parties, that seem to require more wine than tea!
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Debbie Bellaby

Star Sign: Scorpio.

What I do: I enjoy working in very bright acrylics and also producing quick-fire pen sketches. I try to draw and doodle as much as possible when I have a spare moment. I love illustrating for children and creating characters with humour.

Favourite illustration: 'Party Trees' by Livi Whitworth

When not creating: I like to go to the seaside with my two young children who have just discovered sandcastles. I also like to read, sit in the garden and eat cake!

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Carla Stobbs

Star sign: Cancer

What I do: Many of my illustrations have vibrant colours and bold mark making. I love printmaking and the textures it creates so I try to include it into my designs when I can.

I also enjoy illustrating with humorous approach! 

Favourite Illustration: 'Bee’ by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: I teach printmaking workshops at various schools, fairs and other events. In my spare time I enjoy visiting car boots, markets and festivals (especially our local which is Glastonbury!). 
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Kate Anniss

Star Sign: Scorpio

What I do: I'm kept busy with illustrating children's books, commissioned artworks and constantly supplying new artworks for Lizbeth.

Kate Anniss attended Bristol University where she studied Art History. Late 2014 Kate created Mylo Art - a creative and resourceful Art Consultancy which delivers a bespoke turn-key service, bringing beautiful art to interior and exterior spaces. This Spring we are working on some exciting projects and constantly sourcing new artists as well as keeping up to date with work which our favourite artists are producing. 

Favourite illustration: 'Tractor' by Lizbeth Holstein (as my 2yr old son loves them!)

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: travel on mini breaks with my husband and children, spend time gardening and having friends over for supper.
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Lorna Scobie

Star sign: Leo

What I do: I'm a designer and illustrator. I was born and raised in the beautiful Somerset countryside, and now live in London, not too far from some lovely city parks.

Favourite Illustration: I really like the alphabet motifs by Lizbeth Holstein, and love Marching Horse by Jess Russell Flint.

When not creating with the HoneyTree team: During the day I design children's books for Macmillan Children's books, and in the evenings and at weekends I become a freelance illustrator, which involves drawing lots of animals! When I'm not drawing, I love to read, walk and spend time with my family and friends.

I have two adult colouring books published, 'Birds of Paradise' and 'Jungle Paradise'
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Lucy Routh

Star sign: Aquarius

What I do: I'm originally from Lancashire and now live and work from my home in North Somerset. Inspired by nature and working from life, I use a combination of acrylics and ink to create images that are bold, and vibrant with a sense of space and simplicity. Amongst my favourite subjects to paint are fish,crustations, fruit, veg and flowers.

Favourite Illustration: Black Cat by Lorna Scobie

When not creating with the HoneyTree team: I like to walk my dog on the Mendip hills. I enjoy weekends by the coast with my family and meeting up with friends which normally involves yummy food and always involves wine!

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Livi Whitworth

Star Sign: Pisces

What I do: I am a London based illustrator, working freelance since graduating from Camberwell College of Art. I love working with a simple black ballpoint and a splash of watercolour. 

Favourite illustration: I couldn't pick one! There's too many I love....

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: Doodle! That probably counts as creating.. I love to cycle round London on sunny days, I love seeing friends. Freelancing can get a bit lonely so regular social contact is important to me, especially if it involves coffee. Or wine.

Note from Lizbeth: We came across Livi's work from her godmother who was ordering 90th Birthday party invitations for her mum!, spoke to the bespoke studio about Livi and we are delighted to welcome her to HoneyTree, where her fresh urban, architect style sits so well with our 'less is more' design concept.
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Willemien Stevens

Star Sign: Taurus

What I do: Originally from Holland I now work from my studio in Dorset overlooking the coastline. I am a textile artist and my work is created with vintage fabrics through applique with machine and hand embellishment.

Whether inspired by folk art, childrens poetry or the landscape around me, my style and sense of colour reflects delicacy and charm. 

I give workshops at my studio during the summer months for a wide range of home textile furnishings using a rage of techniques.

Favourite illustration: I love them all but my favourite is "Greyhound Xmas' by Lizbeth Holstein.

When not creating with the HoneyTree team: I like to relax at home and go for walks by the sea.






Matt Keightley

What I do: I run a landscape company that designs and builds gardens, both nationally and internationally. My day job has lead me into illustrating both for HoneyTree and private clients. I draw a lot of my inspiration from gardens and the outdoors.

Favourite illustration: ‘Aga’ by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the honey tree team I like to: spend time with my fiancé/soon to be wife, eat Portuguese chicken with my pals, keep fit and get out of London every so often to enjoy the outdoors.

Note from Lizbeth: We came across Matt who wanted to use one of his illustrations on his HoneyTree Wedding stationery through our "feature your own artwork" facility. We receive many requests for particular plants, herbs and horticultural illustrations and we are delighted to have found Matt who has a passion for these and works daily in this field (pardon the pun!).

To read more about Matt click here for our blog about him and the Chelsea Flower show 2015 (where he won the people choice designing a garden for HRH Prince of Wales foundation).


Gordon Barker

What I do: I am passionate about my creations and as soon as one is finished I already have an idea for my next, never losing my desire to create another work of art. 

I began my own journey of creative self-discovery in my mid teens. I work in various styles and materials, using a wide variety of techniques. I paint naive landscapes and abstracts in acrylic.

I have paintings in corporate and private collections in many countries in the world such as France, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Favourite illustration: ‘Apple Tree’ by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: Spend time with my wife and go walking, as this always gives me new ideas for new paintings.


Lily Helps

Star Sign: Virgo

What I do: I constantly collect interesting patterns and shapes for new and inspiring collage work.

Favourite illustration: 'Bunting British' by me!

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: dance, shop, travel and look forward to Glasto festival each year.

Lily is involved in the fashion and media world.


Louise Gordon

Star Sign: Pisces

What I do: I am from the lovely city of Oxford and I studied Illustration at The University of Gloucester, where I discovered my love of drawing buildings.

I also like to produce fun, bright collages and water colour paintings too. I am an avid tea-drinker and am partial to the odd G&T.

Favourite illustration: 'Badger' by Lorna Scobie 

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: I can usually be found snoozing, visiting exhibitions or working in an independent gift shop.