Environmental Policy - our Green Credentials

We love Somerset, it's rolling hills, incredible produce (we have been known to taste a dapple of cider) stunning countryside, and the odd festival or two.

Therefore it's important to Keep Somerset Clean by managing our Carbon Footprint.

The Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity in the United Kingdom concerned with the creation, protection, and restoration of native woodland heritage. As our chosen charity for 2018 & 2019, 20p per Christmas card goes toward their goal of planting trees, protecting woods and inspiring people to enjoy the nature on their doorstep.

Creating a woodland at HoneyTree

In March 2018, as part of our commitment to sustainability, we planted over 950 trees at our registered office Worminster Farm. Native varieties include Rosewood, Dogwood Ash and Beech.

This wonderful initiative is part of the Centenary Sainsbury's MOREwoods to commemorate the First World War. 'Make Thank you last for ever. Those who made sacrifices in the First World War did so to secure a brighter future for the next generation. We're saying thank you by planting more than a million trees in four Centenary Woods across the UK, creating beautiful life-giving places for the next generation’.


All of our products are produced and packaged on site at The Welsh Mill, Park Hill Drive, Frome BA11 2LE - nothing is outsourced, reducing our carbon footprint.

We care about the materials we use and our impact on the world around us, which is why we use only ethically sourced materials with the lowest environmental impact. All excess materials are recycled and repurposed. Our papers and boxes are FSC® certified.

Our commitment to reducing packaging

Green Initiative - £5 off your next order should you not require a presentation box.

Your order will instead be wrapped in recycled brown paper as we disagree with the amount of plastic and bubblewrap going to landfill. The credit is placed directly into your account so anytime you shop it is conveniently there for you. Perfect for Invitations and Announcements where you will be posting them straight away.

NEW! Group my items - combine your items into as few boxes as possible.

Sometimes you need a box to protect your stationery in the study, now you can choose to receive all your stationery in one handy accessible box instead of individual items.

Group my Items on HoneyTree


We endeavour to reduce pollution, emissions and waste produced by the business, and expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers. (These are all UK based, reducing our carbon footprint and other associated transport costs.)

- On all printers we have a sleep function to prevent energy wastage.
- Our paper and recycling bin is taken to the local recycling facility weekly.
- We “proof” orders on the back of previously used card.
- Transport: our “Print on Demand” business allows us to walk to work at our studios and many of our print and admin team are all local, with several team members cycling or walking to work (when the weather permits!)
- On demand / short run printing: we only set up a print run once we receive a confirmed order, thereby reducing stock piles, out dated and ex stock that needs to be destroyed.
- Our card stock is luxury quality and therefore not recycled, but does come from sustainable sources from UK suppliers. Our paper is made from carbon neutral papers and our card made with windpower. 70% of our card and paper supplies come from the South West, ensuring a low carbon footprint.
- Our hand finished presentation gift boxes are made from recycled card.
- Deliveries: we order in healthy volumes to prevent unnecessary mileage.
- Postage: we send all UK orders by Royal Mail as they collate the most parcels in our category, hence preventing wasteful individual dispatch deliveries.