Artwork and Design Guidelines

  • How to personalise your stationery

    How to personalise your stationery

    We all like choice and flexibility, but also realise that our stationery needs to stay within certain guidelines to ensure that classical look and feel. For this reason we have set up our preview screen to show your design decisions "live"  within our professional framework. 

    1. You choose your type of stationery, for example "Personalised invitations".  Whether you want it Illustrated and Personalised (artwork and optional text) or Classic Personalised (text only)

     2. With illustrated and personalised products, you can choose from over 2,000 hand-drawn illustrations either by tping in the search box or using the themes and occasions from the drop down menu. On discovering artworks you would like to consider you can save these to your 'shortlists' enabling easy access when editing your order.

    3.Editing your text, font, font colour and card type. Here you can select from 12 chosen fonts. Begin typing your details and you will see that this is mirrored to scale on the preview screen to the right hand side of the screen. Each field, line of text, can have a different font and also amend the size that this line displays - an error message will display if this become too long or large. You can also edit each lines font colour. 


    4. Once you are happy with your final design (after 'PREVIEW CHANGES'), you have the option to APPROVE MY DESIGN and checkout or you can SAVE TO MY ACCOUNT.  This action then takes you straight to your proofs page, where you can view your stationery and name each version before you commit to ordering and payment. From here you can continue to edit your stationery if you have any further changes. Once you are happy, you will then be click PROCEED. 

    5. Then choose the quantity of you would like to order. With date specific invitations, our minimum order is 8; thereafter all invitations can be ordered individually. (If you are shopping for one of our non date specific products e.g. Correspondence Cards, then these start in batches of 8 with a sliding scale discount the more you order). You then add your personalised stationery to your basket and either go to checkout or continue shopping for further products.

    6. If you have not yet registered you will need to do this and provide us with an address to send your stationery. Once registered, an email will be sent immediately, confirming registration.

  • Formatting your Seating Plan / Table Names / Place Cards

    How to order Personalised Name Place Cards, Seating Plan Cards and Table Numbers/ Names

    These products require you to edit the default version of the product with your chosen text, font, font colour (illustration if chosen) and submit your order with the quantity you require. Before you complete your order you will be asked to upload a file containing the relevant information.

    Our team will format your submitted names then send an e-proof for sign off before your print run.

    Event stationery display a soft grey watermark on the back of all card stock and do not inclue a presentation gift box.

    Click here to view Event Stationery

  • Diacritic Accents - Do you print accents and characters for languages such as French, Swedish, and Spanish?

    We believe we cater for nearly all languages with our fonts, however not all options are universally available.

    If you have any doubt as to the rendering of your order please email us at as soon as you submit your order, quoting your order number, and we will 'hold' your order. Our bespoke team can normally assist with an alternative yet similar font, so do let us know if you would like us to provide this service.

  • Do you design Monograms, Logos and branding?

    Our design studio are able to create exacting layouts, but we don not provide a full design service for monograms, logo creation or a branding service. These are particular design aspects that we are not set up for, however there are several companies that can create this for you.

    With our premium quality products and design we can provide beautiful stationery for you through our 'upload your own' facility. You can submit monograms, motifs, crests and logo designs through this service, in fact any design of your choosing.

    We have 70+ products available with this service  Click here to view them 

  • Can I change the location of the illustration?

    Our layout's display the illustration in the top center on all products (excluding rectangular tags). This is a design feature and ideal to enable the formatting for our customers. 

    Should you wish the illustration to display in another orientation our design studio team will need to do this and we charge a £15 fee to re type set. This includes the collaboration of eproofs to sign off. 

  • How to convey the dress code, RVSP and end time on your party invitations

    We have started to catalogue some excellent examples of dress codes to help and inspire you, so you can set the right tone at your event; be it formal, informal or even fancy dress, for your special occasion.

    It is always essential for the host to make sure that their guests feel welcomed and comfortable, so advice on what to wear will always be appreciated. With the ability to create your very own Personalised Party Invitations, you have the freedom to tailor your dress code and your dress code wording, as you see fit.


    Black Tie - This is self explanatory for the gents and usually means full evening or knee length gowns for ladies

    White Tie - this is often misinterpreted as a white dinner jacket for men, but this is incorrect. It means that men should wear a white tie with a black tails suit and ladies should wear full evening gowns. This is probably one of the most formal dress codes.

    Jacket and Tie/ Cocktail - Meaning a suit for gents and knee length dresses or evening gowns for ladies; normally written on invitations for evening events.

    Fashionably Formal – popular with hip bars and restaurants in Europe and the UK

    Jacket & Tie for Boys, Smart for Girls! - Similar to Jacket and Tie/ Cocktail but appropriate for day events

    Dress to Feel Fabulous – Used for smart / formal parties

    Just be you – for a more relaxed get-together

    Summer Garden Luncheon, going onto chilly early evening! – For a Summer Party

    Black Tie with a touch of Wonderland - great for a 21st Birthday Party

    For a 21st Birthday Garden Party – Summer Chic

    For a 50th Birthday On The Golf Course – Smart casual, coloured trousers preferred

    For a Ball – Dictators, Royals, Tyrants and Totty

    Children’s party invitation – Piglets

    Children’s party invitation – Forest & Elf ears


    End time: Alpine winter themed party – 'Carriages and luges at 7.30pm'


    RSVP Gifts and Themes:

    No gifts please. Instead bring a homemade cake or dessert for the great British Bake off – prizes awarded.


    Hen Party:

    Passports required, #PackYourPartyPants, travel insurance advised & rehydration sachets recommended!

    For many more inspirational ideas please click here for full version of this articul on our  Art of Stationery blog

  • Wedding Invitations – what to include

    Congratulations on your engagement, now you can enjoy creating a stunning Wedding Invitation to set the scene. Below are various examples that we hope will help.

    If you require any further assistance please do contact our in house wedding team of stationery lovers.

    Wedding Invite Wording

    The wording of your wedding invitation conveys the style and manner of your wedding day right from the beginning. There are a few standard essentials to every invite:

    – Names and titles of the bride and groom
    – Location of the marriage venue
    – Location of the reception
    – Date and time of both of the above (or just the wedding itself)
    – RSVP address 

    Following on from the essentials, there is other wording you can add to your invite to highlight the style and theme of the day.

    With the design and wording of our elegant invitations, we allow you to easily put across the individual style of your big day.

    Use of traditional wording, such as the bride’s parents ‘requesting the pleasure’ of the guests’ company at the marriage, will let your guests know that your wedding has a traditional feel. If no reference is made to dress code on a formal invitation, then morning attire should be worn. Black tie or suits should be specifically mentioned. Further formality can easily be reinforced with suggestions of ‘carriages at midnight’, which refers to the time events will draw to a close.

    To RSVP or not to RSVP?

    Adding an RSVP address is an excellent way of tracking who will be attending your ceremony and this helps you with planning, seating, catering, orders of ceremony and every other element of the day itself. With RSVP we also suggest, for all the reasons above, that a cut off date is clearly displayed.

    Should I include an email address and contact number for an easy RSVP?
    From those guests who are less inclined to use traditional mail this is a good option. Ensure you are happy to collate attendee’s via email before giving guests this option.

    Telephone numbers, especially mobiles, can be rather problematic as one could receive the call at a time that is difficult to note the acceptance or declining of an invitation; making it difficult to collate the replies. Mobiles can also prompt people to sms text, which is not the ideal place to look when collating all of the various replies.

     Invitation to the Reception only

    In some cases it is possible (and necessary) to invite guests to the reception only, and if so, a note can be placed in the envelope with the invitation, giving the reason. For example: ‘Owing to the small size of [the Church/ ceremony venue], it is possible to invite only a small number of guests to the ceremony. We hope you will understand, and forgive this invitation being for the reception only.’

    Alternatively, reception-only invitations can be designed, and rather conveniently, can also be adapted for guests coming to the evening entertainment only. Suggested wording: ‘Mr and Mrs Smith request the pleasure of your company at the reception following the marriage of…’ and then the relevant date, time and venue can be given. 

    Further on the day information:

    It is also advisable to include with the invitation any further information separately to the Invitation. Additions, such as a map, local accommodation, venue, transport arrangements, a menu and request for food choices (if applicable) are important for the planning of your big day and will keep the pressure off by being organised. Information cards, booklets, folders and maps are an excellent addition to your wedding invitations and helps deliver essential information you might not be able to fit on the invite itself.

    At this stage of planning your wedding invitations, you might even like to include an indication of where people can find your wedding gift list.

    Click to visit our Wedding Invitation Boutique


    Our Design Studio team are here to provide bespoke layouts for those who wish for 'something different' to the options on our website.

    Price and T&Cs - £30.00 for the first hour of design; which includes phone consultations, e-proofs and collaboration. This is to be settled prior to the design work, after the preliminary discussion. Any further time is charged at £15.00 per half an hour and confirmed prior to continuation of your project.
    All design fees are non refundable.

    The design teams' time and expertise is included in the price of Products where we receive the information from the customer and provide the design to your specification (Order of Services, Seating Plan, Table Numbers and Name Place Cards).

  • Change of address card etiquette and wording

    From March 2012 we became No1 on Google for Change of Address Cards so as such, we’re almost experts in how, where and when Personalised Moving Cards are being used.

    Here are some of the trends we are witnessing:

    Whether your new home is an escape to the country or city loft living, your change of address cards need to carry the same vitally important bits of information:
    – Your name, and of course, those who reside with you (often includes pets names!)
    – Your house name or number
    – Your full and accurate new address (please check your new postcode!)
    – Your new landline telephone number (sometimes not included nowadays, see below)

    Should I include our telephone number on your change of address?

    Previously it was important that your change of address card includes your new telephone number as well as your new address. Since 2015 we have noted that many moving announcements include people’s mobile/ cell phone numbers but not their new home number… the reasons we have gleamed are that they always have their mobile, so it’s more convenient. On the flip side ‘they can turn there mobiles off’! and also an increasing number of people are choosing not to have a landline phone.

    If you are including your new home telephone number, (still over 70% of orders do), in the course of helping customers with their change of address card details, we have learnt a fair bit about BT (British Telecom) and the advance distribution of new residential telephone numbers…

    BT do provide a number for new home owners before they move, yet in the small print they state that until you have rung the number once you have taken possession, they cannot guarantee the telephone number you have been allocated! The wording on their confirmation states: ‘If you’re getting a new phone number, it might change. We’ll confirm it when your service starts.’ – Far from helpful, we’re sure you’ll agree!
    In view of this, we suggest that if your new home telephone number is to feature on your Change of Address cards, Notelets or Address Labels that you ensure that your service has started.

    Should mobile numbers and email addresses be included?

    Half of the Change of Address Cards we print do not display mobile telephone numbers and email addresses, as these will not change. Yet it is entirely up to you if you want to print these details on your cards in order to confirm the latest, up to date contact details to your family, friends and colleagues. Adding these details to your change of address cards is also an excellent way to ensure people can keep in touch during the tenuous period of moving between the two homes, especially if your landline might not be working straightaway.

    Don’t forget to add your website to your details if you run a home business, or plan to receive paying guests at your new address in the future. 

    For more blogs and info on moving home inspiration click here for our blog The Art of Stationery

  • What to consider to create impact with your corporate Christmas cards

    It's the traditional time of year when we thank our customers, colleagues and associates, and it makes sense to combine this with a festive greeting.

    But how do you make your Christmas greeting stand out from the others and show that you’re a great company that cares? Here are our top tips for designing a corporate Christmas card.

    Top Tips When Designing a Corporate Christmas card

    1. This may seem obvious, but actually make sure you send your corporate Christmas cards. In this age of digital communications, it’s all too easy to ping a Christmas e-shot to thousands at the press of a button, but we all know – as do our customers – that this takes all of 5 seconds.

    2. A physical card is more likely to be opened and spend time lying around on a desk or be displayed, whereas an email greeting runs the risk of being instantly deleted (or might even go straight to spam.) You will stay in your customer’s mind’s eye for longer this way.

    3. Choose an appropriate design that encapsulates your company, brand, service or ethos. We provide a Commission a unique illustration from your design brief or we can make your logo have a festive aspect, that none of your competitors will have.

    4. Even though you may have chosen to include a typed message for your corporate Christmas cards, leave some space for a handwritten message. This way you can add a sentence of thoughtful personalisation, which really shows you have taken the time and ‘know’ the person that you’re writing to.

    5. Keep it professional by adding your logo and your contact details inside on the left or on the back. We suggest this should be fairly clear but we don’t recommend providing company registration  & VAT number etc. as this is not an invoice or business card!

    6. Outsource the distribution for impactful convenience. After signing off on the design aspects, including your logo / branding, plus any other logos if you support multiple charities, then comes the sending.

    For further information and our range of impactful and stylish cards, visit Corporate Christmas Cards 

    Alternatively, contact our design studio or call to discuss your requirements on 01749 899 333.  

  • The Art Of The Written Word

    Etiquette is all about how you say something, and how your message is conveyed. Written etiquette is just as important, demonstrating your nuance with the written word in your correspondence.

    We believe that written etiquette and the art of written communication ‘speaks’ volumes about you, your identity and your values. We have listed a few things you might consider when designing and writing your own personalised stationery:

    Why are you writing? 
    To give thanks, to offer congratulations or express a heartfelt sentiment? For some kinds of correspondence, only real stationery will do! The very best bespoke stationers understand this and provide you with an extensive choice of font and colour for your personalised correspondence cards and writing paper. Most will offer a choice of personal initials or name and address; yet at HoneyTree we also provide an extensive collection of original and exclusive illustrations to choose from, with additional little touches as such as gilt edging on our correspondence cards.

    What’s your style?
    Are you a traditionalist who enjoys nothing more than taking fountain pen to paper? Or a romantic, who loves that the journey your missive takes on its way to the recipient exemplifies the sentiment? Or do your communications have a more practical purpose, to ensure you reinforce your personal brand and stand out from the crowd?

    How will the illustration, colour and font you choose complement your communication style? 
    We believe that beautiful personalised stationery is not an anachronism in an electronic world, but an authentic statement which can set you apart. There is no tension between convenience and luxury or convenience and thoughtful; with HoneyTree your message to the world can be all three.

  • Colour considerations with HoneyTree

    Screen Resolution

    Did you know: the colour of card, artworks and motifs can vary on differing screens.

    The ideal resolution to view our artwork and products is 1024x768. There are various screen calibrations that can result in variations in colour. As we print everything to order, slight variations may occur.

    Can I match my font colour to the illustration?

    All HoneyTree illustrations are artworks and as such are not dictated to by a pantone colour to match a font. The hand drawn nature is a core value at HoneyTree and therefore we exact do-not recommend looking to try to match a predominantly blue illustration with a blue font - the look and feel can still look beautiful but they can never be an exact match. For this reason often orders will stear clear of pink with pink and make the font colour grey for example.