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    What is and why use 400gsm & 440gsm card?

    The initials 'gsm' stand for grams per square metre; i.e. a square metre of 400gsm card weighs 400g. Therefore the higher the gsm, the heavier and thicker the paper. The reason behind this is that paper and card are manufactured and sold by the metric tonne in Europe, so weight has always been the dominant measure when specifying paper and card requirements. Card, or 'board' to give it it's proper name, is sold using weight to give the buyer more information.

    A Guide to Weight

    80gsm - 'value' photocopy paper

    100gsm - still flimsy, but sold by some personalised stationers

    160gsm - A5 premium Writing Paper weight, sold by HoneyTree Publishing

    170gsm - the weight of our stunning envelopes

    200/300/350gsm - lightweight card sold by some personalised stationers, but not heavy enough for us to stock and supply

    400gsm - what we choose to use for our premium quality Invitations and Cards

    440gsm - Luxurious, heavy board used for our gilt edge cards, Corporate and Wedding Invitations.

    Eco Premium Materials: All our products come from sustainable sources from UK suppliers and are flat printed on the finest 400gsm and 440gsm card, 160gsm papers. In accordance with the FSC - 'Forest Stewardship Council' (Forests for all forever) labeling guide (FSC-SECR-0068), the correct label for use with this product is the “Mix” label.

    FSC Forest Stewardship Council


    To ensure 100% quality, all orders are flat printed in house at our studios in Somerset. Our customised print presses enable us to consistently print rich and vibrant colours on our heavy weight card. We do not emboss, letterpress, deboss or engrave at HoneyTree.

    Foiled and fabulous - With its shiny metallic design of luxurious gold or silver, the addition of foil ensures your designs exemplify timeless elegance. This is not hot foiled, debossed or raised, it is a flat print that enables us to create many designs and use different fonts.

    On all card stock a subtle watermark is displayed on the bottom of the reverse of the card as a sign of quality and authenticity. This is not on letterheads or business cards. 

    All labels on HoneyTree are 'sticky - self adhesive' so we could call them 'stickers', but with these individually printed premium glossy labels this wouldn't convey just how lovely they are! 

    Whilst we are confident that you will enjoy your HoneyTree products, we do have a product sample pack available so that you can see for yourself the quality products we create before you purchase. 

    You can order your free personal stationery sample pack by clicking here 


    Invitations & Announcements

    A5+ = 20.3 x 15.2 cm (8 x 6 inches)

    These are our largest invitations, which are more generous than standard A5. 

    A6+ = 15.2 cm x 11.4 cm (6 x 4.5 inches)
    These are slightly larger than standard A6 - postcard size.

    A5+ folded = 20.3 x 15.2 cm or 6 x 8 inches

    A5+ door invite = 20.3 x 15.2 cm (8 x 6 inches)
    These have the same printable area as our A5+ invitations, with the invitation behind a barn door design. The invitation is then tied up with your choice of ribbon colour.

    Square Invitations = 14.5 x 14.5 cm (5.7 x 5.7 inches)
    These are very contemporary looking invitations.
    Available only in Oyster White to retain the crisp look

    Photo invitations = 14.5 x 14.5 cm (5.7 x 5.7 inches) folded card, with an 8.5 x 8.5cm or 3.3 x 3.3 inches photo

    Our exclusive board design displays your uploaded photo on the front of the card, hand mounted within the window of our textured White 400 gsm folded Card. The details of your event are laid out inside the card for a unique, truly personalised invite

    Writing Paper / Letterheads

    Available in three sizes: A5, Post-Quarto and A4, and is flat printed on luxurious 170 gsm paper, in Oyster White or Cream. Our writing paper does not feature our watermark, giving you plenty of room to write your letters, and is a joy to write on and fountain pen friendly. All our writing paper sets include matching 170gsm envelopes, and come in our handmade presentation boxes.

    A4 Writing Paper = 21.0 x 29.7 cm (8.1 x 11.7 inches)

    This is the largest writing paper we provide and is the same size as a typical sheet of paper in your desk top printer.

    PQ Writing Paper = 17.7 x 22.8 cm (7 x 9 inches)
    Post Quarto (PQ) refers to a very distinct size of writing paper, in between A4 and A5.

    A5 Writing Paper =14.8 x 21.0 cm (5.9 x 8.3 inches)
    These are half the size of A4, which is a typical sheet of paper in your desk top printer.

    Click to view Writing paper sets 


    Unique, individually printed, personalised premium sticky labels. 

    Large Labels: 7.6 x 10.2 cm (3 x 4 inches)

    Oval Labels: 7.5 x 5.5 cm (2.9 x 2.1 inches)

    Rectangular Labels: 8 x 4 cm (3.1 x 1.5 inches)

    Click here to vist Sticky labels 


    Vintage Luggage Tags:

    Measuring 12 x 6 cm or 4.7 x 2.3 inches, with a 7.3 x 3.3 cm or 2.9 x 1.3 inch window
    These are created using a lovely textured cream card with your chosen artwork printed on a white label and mounted within the window. Your handmade tag comes with a length of Satin Ribbon and a 'how to tie' guide.

    Small Tags:
    Measuring 9 x 5.5cm (3.5 x 2.1 inches) our tags are available in Oyster White or Cream. 
    Your chosen artwork is flat printed on our Premium Quality 400gsm board.
    Your tags come with a length of candy striped string / ribbon and a 'how to tie' guide.
    Our tags do not show our watermark on the back, giving you plenty of room for personalisation

    Click here to visit HoneyTree Tags

    Greetings Cards

    Art Cards:
    These are the 'Queen Bee' of individual personalised cards, measuring 14.5 x 14.5 cm (5.7 x 5.7 inches). They are hand finished and made from a lovely textured white board, with your chosen designer illustration displayed within a plate sunk window, flat printed with your personalised message. Our art cards feature artwork not available on any other products.

    Greetings Cards:
    These are our smaller cards, measuring 12.5 x 12.5 cm (5 x 5 inches). With over 2,000 illustrations to chose from you will be able to find one to suit any occasion. You can also match your illustration to any other stationary on the HoneyTree website, enabling you to coordinate your gifts.

    Business / Visiting cards are 8.5 x 6cm (2.2 x 3.3 inches) and are designed to fit standard wallets. Available in white or cream. Presented in black business card boxes, these do-not feature our watermark on the back.

    Place Cards

    Each face measures 8.5 x 5.5cm and come ready creased displaying a small watermark on the back.

    Personalised Prints

    All of our illustrations are available to personalise and purchase as a print, either mounted or mounted and framed for a perfect gift. Printed on archival paper (prevents fading and deterioration) the illustration is mounted using a snow-white extra thick board, with a bevelled cut aperture. The mount measures 30.3 x 25.0cm (12 x 9.9 inches), with a 19.4 x 14.2cm (7.6 x 5.6 inches) window. Available with a Black or White Wooden Frame, with a generous 2cm display width, with a pre-installed picture hook ready to hang.




    All our stationery prices include 170gsm hand made envelopes, unless clearly stated.

    Our A6+ (15.2 x 11.4cm) & A5+ (20.3 x 15.2 cm) card / board is larger than the standard A6 & A5, this means all our envelopes, like our board, have to be made for us and are not a standard size. For this reason we included a board colour-matching envelope with all orders e.g. cream card receives a cream envelope.

    EXCLUSIONS: Labels, Tags, Postcards, Prints, Business Cards, Menus and Order of Service do not come with envelopes.

    We enable shoppers to have their chosen illustration or address details printed on the reverse of the envelope. This is displayed on the product options after editing. 

    If you do-not require envelopes we ask our customers to use the discount code NoEnvelopes - this will automatically take 20% off the order value and we will not include envelopes in your dispatch. The dispatch note will show the product title unchanged.

    Tissue lined envelopes are not available with HoneyTree.

    When we initially looked into tissue lined envelopes we soon realised the conflict between trying to select a tissue lining to match an artwork/ illustration, or a particular font colour could not provide the perfect match. Our niche is beautifully illustrated and personalised bespoke stationery and we  decided that if we were to only commission artworks to match various font and tissue palettes of colours, we would stunt the individuality of the exclusive artworks.


    HoneyTree Presentation Gift Boxes:

    HoneyTree Presentation Box

    These are included with stationery orders. Exceptions are individual cards, samples, postcards, Christmas cards, labels, tags, business cards and personalised prints.

    Green Initiative:
    If you don’t require a presentation box, tick the box on the basket page to receive a £5 credit to your account on your next order, this option will not be available on exempt products.  Your credit is automatically assigned when you reach the payment page NOT as a voucher at basket.  payment.

    Free Gift Wrap and Message:
    This is available on items that come with a presentation box and artwork orders and designed to be a direct to recipient option as we do-not print an additional on the outside as we cannot be sure this is not arriving with the recipient and we have learnt over the years that this would spoil the anticipation and effect

    The gift wrap option can be found on the basket page and is designed to provide you with a direct gifting solution. Your Gift Message will be printed and displayed on a tag on the outside of the gift.

    Please note: If you ask for your order to be gift wrapped we don't include a packing slip.


    For that finishing touch and convenience we provide the facility to print individual addressees on your envelopes. This option adds that additional finishing touch which oozes style and personality, rather than an impersonal corporate sticker (and is certainly far easier than scribbling the details by hand from your address book).

    Outsource the distribution for impactful convenience - send direct to the recipient with Royal Mail First or Second class, to guests direct from our studios. Your logo, motif or illustration can be printed on the reverse of the envelope, which certainly stands out when it arrives with the recipient. 

    We will require a formatted spreadsheet for these options.

    Please contact our Bespoke Studio for further information and prices at or call 01749 899 333. 


    The Original Artworks gallery features the opportunity to purchase the watercolour illustration of your choice and signed by the Artist.

    It is mounted within a snow-white extra thick board, with a bevelled cut aperture.

    The mount measures 25.4cms x 30.5cms, a Black or White Wooden Frame is optional.

    When you purchase an original we remain the owner of the copyright of our illustrations.

  • Is our writing paper fountain pen friendly?

    Is our writing paper fountain pen friendly?

    Yes! We have tested our 170gsm letterheads and 400 & 440gsm card using genuine Parker ink.

    Please note however that different nib sizes and different inks can have a different effect. To determine if something is genuinely fountain pen friendly the triumvirate of pen, ink and paper needs to be taken into consideration.

    Whilst we are confident that you will enjoy a beautiful writing experience when using your fountain pen with HoneyTree products, we do recommend that you try a sample first. 
    You can order your free personal stationery sample pack by clicking here 


    At HoneyTree we are always delighted to collaborate with you on an exclusive commissioned artwork; ideal as a gift, a design for wedding stationery or for your own personalised stationery collection. The illustration is exclusive to you and can be inspired by your favourite view, an adored pet, your beautiful's completely up to you.

    The cost of commissioning an artwork is £195.00 - which includes a mounted and signed copy of your illustration.

    Once we receive your request, the artist shall contact you to confirm the project timescale and payment schedule. On receipt of signed terms and conditions and 25% non–refundable deposit, the artist shall embark on your commission.

    How do I ensure the illustration turns out as I expected?
    A scan of the proof shall be sent to you for approval. You can then tell us of any changes you would like; the process is creative and collaborative between yourself and the artist. 

    Once completed, your personal Illustration is exclusive to you and shall be available throughout our range of products for all future purchases. 

    We retain both the copyright and the right to use the artwork as an example of our work for promotional purposes, but not for reproduction for other customers.


    I want to use my own design: UPLOADING YOUR OWN DESIGN / LOGO/ MOTIF/ CREST/ MONOGRAM:

    Due to the high level of interest from our customers, we have introduced a service whereby your own design can be incorporated. We found that amongst our creative community there are those of you with lovely personal designs; whether it be your own illustrations, motifs, or coats of arms, as well as military crests and corportate logos. Many small and medium businesses are keen to stand out by corresponding on premium quality stationery with their branding taking pride of place.

    Select the type of product you would like, then choose the 'Upload your own' option.
    Once you have personalised the product with your chosen text and font, you can upload your design.
    This will then be formatted off-line by our graphic designers and an e-proof will be sent to you.
    Please note, there is no live preview available on this option.
    If your artwork does not format correctly we will refund your order.

    Your exclusive artwork will reside in your account and be made available for use on our entire range of stationery; from labels and writing paper, to correspondence cards, business cards and invitations.


    Our photo card products are the ulimate way to personalise your stationery and uploading your image could not be simpler. Be sure to have your photograph saved in a JPEG ot PNG format and have it readily accessible from the device you are using.

    Select the product you wish to purchase and edit the text and font.

    You will then need to submit your photo. Should the resolution of the image not be high enough quality, a warning and 'failed to upload' message will appear.

    Once the photo is uploaded you can place your order.

    There is no live preview available on our photo card products.

    Your stationery will be formatted off-line by our graphic designers and an e-proof will be sent to you for approval. 

    If the file provided for use is not suitable we will refund your order. 

    Please note: only products in the photo card categories can display photos at HoneyTree.


    Looking for a gift for a friend or loved one who is passionate about all things stationery?
    Our gift vouchers can be used for any product on our site and are a thoughtful way of gifting someone the opportunity to create their ideal design. 

    What's in my order? 

    HoneyTree gift vouchers are printed on a gilt edged card, personalised and come in a beautifully presented gift box which is letterbox friendly. Vouchers start at £20 and are available to send directly to the recipient with Royal Mail first class post* or select the date - Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries and busy schedules.

    *Royal Mail state that 90% of all 1st class arrive next working day but this is not guaranteed). We suggest allowing a couple of days to be sure. 

    All our usual terms and conditions and policies apply to Gift Gift Vouchers. These terms and conditions will also apply to the purchase and redemption of our Gift vouchers available at

    HoneyTree Gift Vouchers are only available to UK addresses.
    Our Gift Vouchers include unique numbers and configurable patterns.
    Our Gift Vouchers must be redeemed on our Website, as full or part payment of products from our Website. NO refund or credit is available for any unused value.
    When ordering a Gift Voucher, you should ensure to enter the recipient’s details correctly. We cannot be held responsible if the address is entered incorrectly and someone other than the intended recipient uses the Gift Voucher.
    All Gift Vouchers are dated and expire 12 months from the date of issue.
    Gift Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.
    We are not responsible if a Gift Voucher is used without permission and no replacement will be provided in these circumstances.

  • Order of Service

    Created and typeset by our design team, with e-proofs sent prior to the print run, simply place your order and upload a 'signed off' word document and leave the rest to us. Order of service booklets are an integral part of the wedding service and complex in their layout; our team are experienced and delighted to design these and this is the reason we do not enable onsite editing. You can even choose our self-assembly option to reduce the price-per-booklet and enlist the help of friends, with the offer of a cosy evening spent at home assembling the booklets for the big day.

    The price includes receiving your order on a specific date - this can only be booked once the final layout has been signed off.

    What's in my order?...

    Available in Oyster White or Cream, your Order of Service is produced on 440gsm premium quality card with 170gsm inserts. The order of service includes up to 3 pages of inserts (12 faces), giving you freedom to choose how much detail you wish to include. Additional inserts are 50p per page (4 faces).

    Choose from 12 ribbon colours to bind your Order of Service.

    At HoneyTree we display a soft grey watermark on the back of all card stock; this is a design feature and regarded as a quality mark of our beautiful stationery.

    IMPORTANT: Order of Service are formatted off-line by our graphic designers and an e-proof sent to you.


    A5+ folded = 15.2 x 20.3cm or 8 x 6 inches


     White Ribbon  Cream Ribbon
     White Ribbon  Cream Ribbon
     Lemon Ribbon Antique Gold Ribbon 
     Lemon Ribbon  Antique Gold Ribbon
     Pink Ribbon Purple Ribbon 
     Pastel Pink Ribbon  Purple Ribbon
     Red Ribbon Silver Ribbon 
     Red Ribbon  Silver Ribbon
     Pastel Blue Ribbon

    Royal Blue Ribbon 

     Pastel Blue Ribbon  Royal Blue Ribbon
     Dark Blue Ribbon
     Dark Blue Ribbon  Dark Green Ribbon
    Black Ribbon  
    Black Ribbon Emerald Ribbon 






    We have an array of illustrations, some of which you may feel fit perfectly with your own business branding. We have often found this to be the case and offer the opportunity to purchase an illustration licence, to enable you to use one of our illustrations for your digital marketing. This has proven to be popular with many artisan and small to medium business enterprises. 

    For £55.00 plus VAT you can purchase an illustration licence to enable you to use a HoneyTree illustration for your digital branding purposes.

    A low-resolution version will be provided for digital use. This price is not an exclusive image purchase, but a license for it to be used on all your branding - including your website.

    The image will still be available on