Your orders & account

  • Why do I need to register for an account (No guest checkout)

    As all orders are customised, in order for you to view your proofs, illustration shortlists, orders, delivery and invoice address, we require our shoppers to create an account. 

    This is also where your feature your own uploads & commissioned artworks are stored for your convenience.

    A guest checkout wouldn't enable our shoppers to view their order which we know is important with a bespoke product.



  • Exempt from UK VAT?

    All exempt territory's from VAT - based on the billing address (not shipping / delivery) will not be charged VAT on their order. The billing country drop down must display this territory. E.g. Should your billing be Jersey the drop down must state this NOT United Kingdom.

    Should you have any issue please note your order number and click on the contact page to notify us of your UK VAT exemption with yopur order reference number. We will then refund your credit card to the VAT amount.

    This facility can only be used for orders with a non UK or European billing address.