We all like choice and flexibility, but also realise that our stationery needs to stay within certain guidelines to ensure that classical look and feel. For this reason we have set up our preview screen to show your design decisions "live"  within our professional framework. 


1. You choose your type of stationery, for example "Personalised invitations".  Whether you want it Illustrated and Personalised (artwork and optional text) or Classic Personalised (text only)


2. With illustrated and personalised products, you can choose from over 2,000 hand-drawn illustrations either by yping in the search box or using the themes and occasions from the drop down menu. On discovering artworks you would like to consider you can save these to your 'shortlists' enabling easy access when editing your order.


3.Editing your text, font, font colour and card type. Here you can select from 12 chosen fonts. Begin typing your details and you will see that this is mirrored to scale on the preview screen to the right hand side of the screen. Each field, line of text, can have a different font and also amend the size that this line displays - an error message will display if this become too long or large. You can also edit each lines font colour. 


4. Once you are happy with your final design (after 'PREVIEW CHANGES'), you have the option to APPROVE MY DESIGN and checkout or you can SAVE TO MY ACCOUNT.  This action then takes you straight to your proofs page, where you can view your stationery and name each version before you commit to ordering and payment. From here you can continue to edit your stationery if you have any further changes. Once you are happy, you will then be click PROCEED. 

5. Then choose the quantity of you would like to order. With date specific invitations, our minimum order is 8; thereafter all invitations can be ordered individually. (If you are shopping for one of our non date specific products e.g. Correspondence Cards, then these start in batches of 8 with a sliding scale discount the more you order). You then add your personalised stationery to your basket and either go to checkout or continue shopping for further products.

6. If you have not yet registered you will need to do this and provide us with an address to send your stationery. Once registered, an email will be sent immediately, confirming registration.