I’m Lizbeth Holstein, and I create products for HoneyTree. We make gorgeous, personalised stationery with illustrations by me, and our core group of British artists. I love our creative team – in fact, I love creative people in general, be they potters, sculptors, weavers, dancers… anyone who is 100% original in what they do!

With my watercolours and inks I design illustrations and artworks that help our customers create their perfect stationery collection. I love to see customers turn into stationery lovers, who send beautiful notes and cards to friends not because it's their birthday, or because they feel they should, but just because;. I think it makes everyone feel googly; (which is a word I invented to describe the feeling of total satisfaction, happiness and warmth). I think we could all do with more googliness in the world!

When I’m not creating illustrations or working in the office, I love to head out with our Dachshunds for a stomp around Somerset.

What am I not so keen on? That's easy. I can't stand early mornings and grumpy people (those two often go hand in hand). You can also find me fighting an ineffective war against the slugs on my overgrown vegetable patch, or chilling with friends over a nice glass of cider. I also love to hug trees and go wild swimming with my husband Sebastian. I drink magical water from the White Spring in Glastonbury, and only tried my first oyster this year. Where have they been all my life!

I can’t get my head around Twitter, and I’m completely over Facebook (if I didn’t care what friends were eating for dinner 25 years ago, I certainly don’t care now). I do love Instagram, though - it’s like a visual diary.

All I really want is to figure out a way to squeeze more time into the day, a way to spend more time with my grown up children, and to see more of Africa. Exploring Africa with my children? Well, now you're talking!

If you’re curious to know more, here are five things you don’t know about me…

1. I have applied to go on the CH4 program the "Island" with Bear Grylls
2. I am half Dutch, my mother was born in Rotterdam
3. My mother and sister are also artists and my brother has his own card company
4. I had my first child at 20, all a bit of a surprise at the time but very groovy now!
5. I found our home when cycling with Sebastian and needed to stop at the top of the hill for breath!



Amazing what Lizbeth remembers after a bottle of wine!

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