Daphne and Primrose

What we do: We are the studio pooches who mainly sleep and occationally bark furiously at delivery people except for our favourite ones (Claire the posty who always brings us a treat and the kindly DHL man) . We have been part of the team for four years now and feel that without us, life would be quite dull as the humans love to take a break every now and then and spend some quality time with us. 

Our favourite illustration: Obviously our favourite illustration is anything with a Daschund on, of which there are quite a few

When not creating with the Honey tree team we like to: 
When not at the studios, we are at home with Lizbeth and Sebastian, we love walks but not so much when its raining as we tend to get stuck in the mud due to our short legs.  

Sebastian Galbraith-Helps - Business Director/Chief Bee

What I do: Hello, I’m Sebastian and I’m the business head behind HoneyTree, the bespoke stationery boutique I founded with my wife, the artist Lizbeth Holstein. I’m passionate about creating the best possible product for our customers, which leaves a lasting impression on all those who see it.

I want the stationery we create at HoneyTree to bring a little bit more joy and heartfelt communication into the world. It’s my job to help the creative team make this happen!

I coordinate all design and functionality of the website and e-commerce, marketing and routes to market inc JV and links, customer support and social media. I also work closely with our Financial Director on all strategy and budgets.

Favorite Illustration: Lighthouse

When not creating with the Honey tree team I like to: 
Follow Bath Rugby and England cricket; play tennis with my children; visit beautiful homes and gardens; and enjoy the company of friends and family.


Lizbeth Holstein - Creative Director/Queen Bee

What I do: I create designs for HoneyTree. We make gorgeous, personalised stationery with illustrations by me, and our core group of British artists. I love our creative team.

With my watercolours and inks I design illustrations and artworks that help our customers create their perfect stationery collection. I love to see customers turn into stationery lovers, who send beautiful notes and cards to friends not because it’s their birthday, or because they feel they should, but just ‘because’. I think it makes everyone feel ‘googgly’ (which is a word I invented to describe the feeling of total satisfaction, happiness and warmth). I think we could all do with more ‘googgliness’ in the world!

I’m passionate about the environment and the world around us, which is why you’ll only find the highest quality, sustainable materials in use at HoneyTree

Favourite Illustration: 'Bottoms up' by Williemien Stevens (my inspirational mother)

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: When I’m not buzzing around the office, you’ll likely find me walking my Dachshunds Daphanie and Primrose, visiting galleries and hosting family tea parties (which somehow always require more wine than tea!)

Karen Reaney - Graphic Design & Work Flow Manager

What I do: I assist our customers to make a lasting impression through bespoke designs... guiding them through the process to create timeless stationery to share. 

Along with Lizbeth and Sebastian I am part of the 'tomorrow team' focusing on the brand and marketing where I interpret and support Lizbeth's creative input and Sebastian's obsession with the customer journey and desire to be a leader for online personalised stationery by monitoring the data, setting up the workflow for projects and their timescales and the designing of all supporting materials. 

Favourite Illustration: 'Party Trees' by Livi Whiworth

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: Relax with good food, good company and good wine!  

Laura Blackburn - Head of Production

What I do:  I am responsible for the production of all stationery orders at HoneyTree. I have a team who are as fastidious as I am about attention to detail and between us nothing but the customer comes first. 

Other duties include the loading of website content and making suggestions to constantly improve our processes and systems and 'chatting' with visitors on live chat.

Favourite Illustration: 'Spitfire' by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: I am an active member of Wells Air Cadets - Flight Sergeant Blackburn

Nicole Jack - Head of Fulfilment and Print Assistant

What I do: I am part of the 'Today team' and work in production and fulfillment at Honey Tree, so once Laura has printed the stationery I then proof and quality check each order before carefully packing and gift wrapping each item and getting them ready for posting.

I assist Laura in all aspects of printing - including deputising for her on holidays!

Favourite Illustration: 'Thistle' by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: Riding is my first love

Lucy Millard - Customer Bee

What I do:  I am one of the first contact points at HoneyTree for our customers and responsible for ensuring they receive the support they seek, from how to order, to design considerations -  etiquette, shipping enquiries and to hear customer suggestions. I also assist the fulfilment team in peak periods and am a dab hand on the label and tag team.

Favourite illustration: 'Tortoise Family' by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to:  like to go exploring with my border terrier Bertie and spend time with family and friends.. eating good food!

Daisy MantDaisy Mant - Fulfillment Assistant, Seasonal

What I do:  I assist the Fulfillment Team in peak seasons ensuring all the gorgeousness that our customers create is perfect

Favourite illustration: ‘Cacti’ by Lizbeth Holstein - my ambition is to make my bedroom look like a greenhouse so it reminds me of my windowstil!

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: spend time with family and friends. I am studying History of Art The University of Edinburgh.

Belle Brown - Fulfillment Assistant, Seasonal

BelleWhat I do:  I assist the Fulfillment Team in peak seasons, especially all the gift wrapping at Christmas!

Favourite illustration: 'Apple Tree' by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: spend time with family and friends. I am studying History of Art The University of Edinburgh.

Sally Hayes - Bookkeeper

What I do: I process all the financials in preparation for the monthly accounts, scrutinize stock position reporting and ensure that all reporting systems & KPI's are systematized and efficient for our FD.

Favourite Illustration: 
'Apple Tree' by Lizbeth Holstein (well I am a Somerset girl!)

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: Go camping, skiing and holidaying with my husband and two young girls

Andrew Davies - Financial Director

What I do: I work closely with Sebastian and Sally to keep an eagle eye on the finances, set and monitor budgets, ensure there is plenty of working capital and cash flow and keep costs under control.  I also use my wider commercial experience to act as a sounding board for strategy and business ideas.

Favourite illustration: 'Windmill' by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: Play squash, hike, ski, sail, run, cycle, sing, do Rotary stuff, eat, cook, travel and socialise... 

Emma Rooney - Etiquette Consultant

What I do: I am consulted by the Creative Team when broadcasts, announcements, new products and marketing copy need to be read through. Sebastian found my emails and comments on facebook about the "odd slip up!" helpful and coerced me into assisting prior to the event, rather than after!

After HoneyTree first brochure sign off I apparently wrote this note "Looking forward to a large Aperol spritzer (or two, maybe three!) and a scrumptious dinner with my husband at our local Italian - think I've earned it haha!!"

Favourite Illustration: 'Lemons' by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: Vigorously defend my title as the All-England Latin speaking champion (which I won back in 1981, by default, as I believe I was the only entrant!) I am also an enthusiastic, if somewhat erratic, cook and love discovering new, ahem, grape varieties - in vino veritas!

Rob - PPC / Adwords & Martin, Matthew & Chloe - Website innovation

Rob heads up our PPC. He is part of the team at Affinity New Media and we think he rocks. 

Chloe instigates all projects and communicates brilliantly with us, Martin, Mathew and others do the coding... geniuses..


Andy Horne - SEO

Andy heads up our SEO team. He is part of Affinity New Media and is kind enough to explain stuff to us slowly!! 


Chris Bowles - Accountant

What I do: We audit and advise to ensure HoneyTree are compliant and efficient in the tax affairs. Along with their FD we look to ensure that their core principle of 'inclusive pricing' = charging the price that enables them to provide the best customer journey, design, product and delivery for the shopper and attract the best staff for a leader in their field, is on track. 

Favourite illustration: 'Fleur de Lis' by Lizbeth Holstein

When not creating with the HoneyTree team I like to: travel, read and visit the opera