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As time races by, as we try to do more for less, as we communicate with an emoji or we like something with a click of a button, it means even more when someone has taken a moment to let you know they are thinking of you; that is the opinion of Lizbeth and Sebastian, the founders of HoneyTree, who produce artful stationery, beautiful and bespoke, sent with love.

Lizbeth is a British artist and illustrator who with her husband and young family, lived in Spain and South Africa before settling back in Somerset in the UK.

Like many of us, she was constantly trying to encourage the kids to write by keeping in touch with thank you cards, writing letters and sending drawings. Often met with a, “ do I HAVE to? ”, from her children, she always had the sense that to physically send letters and cards home, was a more meaningful way to share the news, joys and life of her very young family.

However it was the discovery of an old box in the back of her mother's desk, bursting with papers, envelopes and cards, that really brought home to her the importance of putting pen to paper. Here in writings was the stop-start recording of her own birth in the form of a telegram. “Born. Today. A baby girl. Mother doing well. We are all delighted “. A letter of congratulations from a bossy aunt, a floral card written in the shaky hand of her beloved grandmother. Here too were letters home to her parents from her former schoolgirl self; the disastrous stay with the French exchange, the postcard home from a trip to the lake district. Here were invitations, the order of service to her own daughter's christening. In her little sisters childish handwriting, a thank you letter for the tennis racquet, the Christmas money, the Sunday lunch……

From this encounter with the past, was born the idea of HoneyTree. Lizbeth excitedly got to work, creating hand-drawn and coloured illustrations, motifs and designs, whilst her husband Sebastian began to work on the intricacies of building a website where it was possible to create something truly personal.

No detail was spared, from the beautiful and varied designs to the papers and envelopes. But Lizbeth and Sebastian both feel that the most important part of the stationery is still the blank space, the space where the birth is recorded, the thanks is given, the congratulations written, the hope for the future, the acknowledgement of the past.


Sent with Love

The idea of HoneyTree is simple, special moments in one’s life, recorded in a beautiful meaningful way. At HoneyTree we believe that the most important part of the stationery is still the blank space, the space where the birth is recorded, the thanks is given, the congratulations written, the hope for the future and the acknowledgement of the past. 

Artful stationery, beautiful and bespoke, sent with love.

Our Artists: Every British artist featured in our collections receives 5% of every sale featuring their illustrations. We care about original creativity, and constantly add exciting emerging UK artists to our collections to share their art with our family of customers. On our website you will find 2000+ original designs to adorn your stationery, labels and tags.

Sustainability: We care about the materials we use and our impact on the world around us, which is why we use only ethically sourced materials with the lowest environmental impact. All of our products are produced and packaged on site at Worminster Farm and all excess materials are recycled and repurposed – we strive to run zero waste enterprise (we may not always achieve it but we do our best…!) In March 2018 as part of our commitment to sustainability we planted over 950 trees in association with the Centenary Sainsbury's MOREwoods campaign.

Personal creativity: We care about the joy that comes from personal expression. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to express themselves and the messages they send to others in their own unique way – that’s why all of our illustrations can be chosen on any stationery product. You can choose from our own carefully curated and exclusive collection or use your own illustration if you would prefer. We will do our best to make it work, and if we can’t then we will be honest about it and tell you!

Attention to detail: We care about the things that seem small but make a big difference – the weight of a card in the hand, the quality of an envelope, the sheen of the ribbon used to adorn our handmade gift boxes. We even include a couple of extra envelopes for those little hiccups.

Authenticity: And, last but not least, we care passionately about the human touch. HoneyTree is a business not governed by algorithms and ‘big data’ but by real people dedicated to delivering the highest standards of care and support for each and every one of our many customers. Every aspect of the journey is overseen by one of the HoneyTree ‘bees’ who like ‘Queen Bee’ Lizbeth would never let anything leave the studios that isn’t up to their high standards.

Whatever you order, you can be assured of our commitment to premium quality materials for both our classic and illustrated stationery, accompanied by our 100% money back  Satisfaction Guarantee. Your stationery will arrive in our hand Made gift boxes and will be printed on premium 400gsm & 440gsm card (with the option of Gold or Silver gilt edging) or 170gsm luxury writing paper: all a joy to write on and from sustainable sources.

To ensure 100% quality control, your orders are printed in-house at our Somerset Studios. Nothing is outsourced which enables us to produce your order without compromising on quality.

Our Mission: To be the "stationery lovers" brand of choice.

Our Vision: to be the online illustrated and personalised stationery boutique of choice, by providing outstanding inspiration, design, production quality and customer service and supporting the UK's best emerging and respected artists.

Our Values: We are what we publish

For assistance please call 01749 899 333 outside the UK: +44 (0)1749 899 333  9.00 – 17.00hrs. Email: team@honeytreepublishing.com